68% of state in the U.S. are supported by COVID-19 services under Team VLS/LTS Federal and SLED (state, local and education) contracts.
Consilience Health Management (CHM) is the medical division of Veterans Lab Services (VLS) which was the driving force and catalyst for over $1.8-billion worth of COVID-19 testing and vaccination contracts since 2020. Below is the map that illustrates the reach and scope of what partnering with VLS and CHM could do for your organization. Contact us today and let’s discuss “teaming” opportunities as either consultants, leaders, subcontractors, or partners in healthcare opportunities of the future.


Our Team is led by a Healthcare MBA who is an expert at medical group management. The team is supported by a PhD whose dissertation was on medical IT geared around patients safety and enhanced outcomes entitled Risk Mitigation Strategies and Patient and Medication Safety: A Phenomenological Study. CHM can provide experienced and certified healthcare providers such as Admins, MAs, LPNs, LVNs, RNs, PAs, NPs, DOs, MDs, Pharm-Ds, etc. 

All staffers will undergo vetting processes to assure that we are providing quality healthcare providers to projects we are involved with and which our good name is associated. 


VLS/CHM are experienced mobile medical group managers. Our teams have worked across this great nation providing care and testing services to those in need. Mobile medical clinics can include drive through, walk up, or static site testing and vaccinations such as what we have done with the COVID-19 pandemic. We can also provide customized mobile vehicles for remote clinics in rural areas (gas and oil rigs as an example), clinics for self-insured employer groups looking for an onsite solution for their employees, mobile pharmacies where needed (we have worked with FEMA in the past so providing a clinic or pharmacy at disaster sites is possible), or any healthcare related clinic that is needed, we can, will, and have delivered.

EHR Platform

VLS has obtained exclusive rights to an innovative product called the ARGUS TRACER ME. This platform can be customized to our clients and partner’s needs and is a game changer electronic health records (EHR) system that is interoperable with electronic medical records (EMR) which Argus overlays and integrates with for enhanced patient safety, medication reconciliation, track and trace inventory controls, chain of custody reporting, scheduling, a proprietary patient portal paradigm that provides a bi-directional doctor-patient shared chart, discharge planning capabilities, hospital readmission mitigation strategies, a network that links PCP with Specialty Providers, and tele-med and tele-pharmacy services with plus and play utility for customers of any size and budget.

& Testing

As one of the nation’s first private companies to test for COVID-19, VLS learned the value of partnering and allowing the “rising tide to float ALL boats.” After securing contracts for COVOD-19 testing, VLS brought in subject matter experts (SME) to manage the breadth and scope of this challenging pandemic. As such, VLS/CHM have a vast network of alliances and labs which foster strong relationships. Whether it is COVID-19 testing using the standard nasal pharyngeal methods or going “outside the box” by providing oral fluids COVID testing devices, we have been pioneer problem solvers in testing and diagnostics. 

The next crisis that we see on the horizon is testing for drugs of abuse, particularly lethal drugs like Fentanyl. Drugged driving rates have surpassed drunk driving, according to MADD so we are focusing our efforts on creating mitigation strategies of this new killer. CHM has a solution for employers of safety-sensitive employees regulated by the DOT and other regulators like OSHA. Contact us and we will share our Drugs of the Abuse management program that we are tackling head-on.


Our SMEs are available to consult on a variety of healthcare related subjects. Just contact us for a free consultation and let us develop a plan to solve your problem, create and develop business opportunities for you and your company, create risk mitigation strategies through robust policies-procedures-protocols design for your success, save and make you more money while enhancing your outcomes, and align you with our robust network.

We are passionate about strategies that seek greater outcomes for patients and the population at large.

We are advocates for wellness programs that utilize the latest innovations and technological advances. For example, we are believers that everyone in the nation should have pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing as a standard of care. We have a partnership with a lab that provides the highest standards of PGx testing, toxicology, DNA, and even toxicology tests. We have partnered with health experts who have created first class health risk assessments (HRA) for self-insured employers looking to help their high risk, high cost (HR-HC) employees get well.
Some have utilized exercises as a prescription model with great success, while other prefer a Medical Home model that we helped create which has seen astonishing and eye popping positive results that were validated by actuaries at two on the nation’s leading insurance providers. Let us show you how to adopt “BOTH-AND” health strategies that BOTH creates healthier employees AND creates a healthier company bottom line. We are committed to getting our clients a paradigm of true, outcome proven healthcare and off of the reliance on the status quo “sick care” that this country’s population seems so comfortable accepting with dismal and quantifiably poor outcome rates.
Listed below are key facts and insights about the VLS Crime Lab. For more details, please contact us.

Our crime lab is PRIVATE and full service = independent, third party analysis of digital evidence.

Law enforcement labs can have a bias towards the prosecution.

Because we are private, we can work for the prosecutor, defense, or private party.  We do not have jurisdictional boundaries.

International accreditation* through ANAB under the ISO 17025 standard. 1 of only 2 private accredited labs that can support any customer.

ISO 17025 = competence; results are valid and repeatable based on our established quality manual, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Subject matter experts. Most of the 17,000+ law enforcement agencies in the United States without an internationally accredited digital forensics lab, do not have experts in the field of digital forensics. They have personnel with general understanding and training, but may not be able to qualify as a subject matter expert if their work product was ever scrutinized in a court of law.

Lab director is recognized as an expert in digital forensics.  He teaches digital forensics for a nationally accredited digital forensics program where he trains and mentors the new generation of digital forensic investigators.

Licensed private investigators. In some jurisdictions, digital forensics personnel must possess private investigation licenses. *pursuing