VLS offers best in class private investigation services.
ONLY with our Team will you find certified electronic storage detection (ESD) K9s. Check around…we are the ONLY ones outside of a handful of law enforcement agencies. Guess what…those law enforcement agencies are NOT sharing those valuable K9 assets outside of their own departments. Good news! We got them and they are available for you to utilize.

Our Team offers our attorney clients the use of our digital forensic lab Ph.D. as not only an expert witness when needed but also as a consultant to teach you how to cross-examine opposing counsel’s digital forensic “expert” witness. (see more on this below.)

Our In-House Digital Forensic Lab offers the same functionality as the FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Public Safety labs. The difference is that our lab is available to you for analysis of the following: Computers, Cellular Devices, Cars, and other Motorized Vehicles (automobiles have a multitude of computers, not just within the Infotainment system, that can provide key evidence for attorneys and their clients), and Cameras and other Surveillance Devices.

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Every criminal case has two primary sides: Prosecution and Defense.  Within the defense side of a case you have defendants that can afford a private attorney and expert witnesses. For poor and indigent defendants, the government generally provides funding for an attorney and maybe an investigator. Since 1963, "In the landmark case, Gideon v. Wainwright, 371 U.S. 335 (1963), the U. S. Supreme Court required that states provide attorneys to indigent defendants accused of a crime." (LINK)
The state prosecutors/law enforcement have resources for digital forensic experts, the defendants who are well-off and can afford private attorneys/experts, but what about indigent clients? We have a pricing model that makes our services cost-effective AND we provide high quality and internationally accredited services to a segment of the population that is historically underserved.

For a defense attorney it means that you must have access to a third party, trusted, subject matter expert that can assist you with maneuvering the intricacies of digital evidence and digital forensic experts that are presented against your client's interests.  Prosecutors and law enforcement have resources that are used to identify, collect, analyze, and document digital evidence against your client. There are over 18,000 LE agencies in the United States of which, only 80 of them have an internationally accredited digital forensics lab (According to ANAB and the ANSI National Accreditation Board). ANAB is the leading accreditation providers in the United States for international accreditations of forensic labs.    None are available as a resource to you as a defense attorney.

That means over 17,000 LE agencies and prosecutorial offices do not have experts that know or operate according to industry and international standards. VLS’ In House lab is one of only 2 labs that are available to you. We are accredited to the same standards as the LE labs. We are a independent, third, party that you can trust. What this means to you is you have subject matter experts available to you....

If the IACP stance that every case has a digital nexus is correct, that means that you and your client must be prepared to review, analyze, and when applicable, dispute the findings and practices presented in the case against your client that involve digital evidence.

If the State is presenting evidence from a vehicle's infotainment system, are you prepared to know that it was done correctly?  What about a cell phone?  What about a computer?  Social media content?  

When preparing for trial, do you know what you should ask the State's experts during voir dire?

We are here to assist in each of these areas.

What does this mean?

Listed below are key facts and insights about the VLS Crime Lab. For more details, please contact us.

Our crime lab is PRIVATE and full service = independent, third party analysis of digital evidence.

Law enforcement labs can have a bias towards the prosecution.

Because we are private, we can work for the prosecutor, defense, or private party.  We do not have jurisdictional boundaries.

International accreditation* through ANAB under the ISO 17025 standard. 1 of only 2 private accredited labs that can support any customer.

ISO 17025 = competence; results are valid and repeatable based on our established quality manual, policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Subject matter experts. Most of the 17,000+ law enforcement agencies in the United States without an internationally accredited digital forensics lab, do not have experts in the field of digital forensics. They have personnel with general understanding and training, but may not be able to qualify as a subject matter expert if their work product was ever scrutinized in a court of law.

Lab director is recognized as an expert in digital forensics.  He teaches digital forensics for a nationally accredited digital forensics program where he trains and mentors the new generation of digital forensic investigators.

Licensed private investigators. In some jurisdictions, digital forensics personnel must possess private investigation licenses. *pursuing